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Entry #2 – Taco Casa tacos
January 19, 2009, 9:58 pm
Filed under: A dive or joint, Grapevine Area, Mex / Tex-Mex

Taco Casa is fairly new to the Grapevine area.  Actually it is in Colleyville near Glade and Hwy 26 in an old renovated Whataburger building.  Look for the orange and yellow sign.

Very basic tex-mex fast food.  Their tacos may very well be my favorite tacos anywhere, fast food or fancy place.   They stick to the basics here…  Crispy corn shell, meat and cheese.  None of that filler like lettuce or tomato.  Oh, you can find the “supreme” version of their items with the sour cream and black olives and such, but this plain old taco is a good.  The chili burger with cheese is no slouch either.  Those of you who remember Taco Patio from days gone by will remember it as the Gringo Burger with cheese.

An added bonus is that Taco Casa has sweet tea like my great-grandmother, Fairy Tomlinson, used to make.

AND all 4 of us can have a fun time eating out for about $15.