Goooooood Food

Entry #1 – My Mother-in-Law’s brisket
January 19, 2009, 8:22 am
Filed under: Home Cooked

Brisket aside… If us protestant-types were to ever start “sainting” people, my mother-in-law would be way up at the top of the Power Rankings.  I have never met anyone that serves others from the bottom, actually the whole heart, like she does.

Now, to the brisket… it is always hot, always tender and juicy, and always has just the right amount of sweetness.   It is a very simple food.  She doesn’t trick it up at all.  That would not be her style.

Honestly, I am not sure what she does to her brisket to make is so good.  In fact, I have never even seen her in the act of cooking it.  By the time I get to the family gathering (on our long trek from South Grapevine to North Grapevine), it is already on the back of the stove, covered in foil, so the potato casserole can have a little oven time.  A potato casserole that will have it’s own entry in this log somewhere down the line.

This sounds corny with a capital “K”, but I really think the secret ingredient is L-O-V-E.


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